CNC Machining

A thriving field that has led manufacturing to shift gears, bring in advanced technology and create high quality products in cleaner and safer environment.

Rapid Tooling

Rapid tooling is a cutting edge, creative, sustainable, mostly highly-skilled and high-tech method in manufacturing. It may the path for you.

3D Printing

A technology that has grown rapidly in recent years. It’s good to help us in creating models and test the mold in less delivery time.

Our Services

We are committed to offer the best services to customers in achieving their any industrial design demands. Our worldwide team of engineers, designers, technicians and professionals would try their best to take your product’s thoughts to life via the advanced equipment and techniques. We are here for you!

CNC Machining

We offer precise CNC machining services to customers with the advanced machines. There are 3 aixs, 4 aixs and 5 axis CNC machines as backup. Precision, accuracy and high quality are the symbol of CNC machining.

3D Printing

3D printing has become a rising star in manufacturing. 3D Printing brings two fundamental innovations: the manipulation of objects in their digital format and the manufacturing of new shapes by addition of material.

Vacuum Casting

A fast and cost-effective copying technique for producing high-quality plastic components that are comparable to injection molded one. The components that it produces is extremely popular for countless applications in industries.

Sheet Metal

Sheet metal is a type of metal that is formed by rolling, bending or stamping a thin, flat sheet of metal into a desired shape or thickness. It is often used in manufacturing and construction applications due to its versatility, strength and ease of fabrication.


Inspection helps to control the quality of products by fixing the sources of defects immediately after they are detected. This is the one and only way for any factory that wants to improve productivity and reduce waste rate.

Finishing Services

Finishing services mean adding to or alter the surface layer. Many of parts go into medical, aerospace, automotive and industrial applications with unique finishing requirements.

Answers to Your Questions

Which kind of raw materials do you use?

We used materials according to the guidance of the customer. We provide a wide range of raw product materials. Whatever the product is, we make sure that we get the best quality products.

What is the long-term vision for your business?

Our goal is to increase our production level and work for customers across the country while maintaining our quality.

What is the process to order my product?

All you need to do is contact us through mobile or email and give every detail about the product from the raw material to model and dimensions. You can also visit our office during our working hours.

How long do you take to finish a product?

The timeline of any product is extensively dependent on the type and complexity of the product. On average, a product takes around 3-8 weeks.

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