Our Services

At here, we are dedicated to offering the highest design to assist you in achieving your any industrial design demands. You can start your new project through the most professional services that we provide. Our worldwide team of engineers, designers, technicians and professionals would try their best to take your product’s thoughts to life via the advanced equipment and techniques. Therefore, we provide an ideal atmosphere for successfully integrating multiple disciplines, culminating in practical benefits and bringing revolutionary items to market quickly and accurately.

CNC Machining

High accuracy and precision are its major benefit that we can bring from this technique. Probably its variability could accommodate the demands of entrepreneurs.

3D Printing

3D printing is showing great promise in terms of fulfilling a local manufacturing model, whereby products are produced on demand in the place where they are needed — eliminating huge inventories and unsustainable logistics for shipping high volumes of products around the world.

Vacuum Casting

It fits for small quantities of functional parts’ production. If you have a desire of making a prototype or a demo and function testing, vacuum casting may be an ideal option for you.

Sheet Metal

Due to its durability and tensile strength, this technique can be precisely manipulated. Steel, aluminum, copper, brass can be the materials of this technique.


Inspection services mean supplier quality assurance. As the manufacturers, we need to guarantee our client’s rights and we should have sufficient resources to man and support the project.

Finishing Services

Finishing processes can increase machine components’ surface roughness, aesthetic qualities, and fatigue strength.  Smoothing or polishing machined items can enhance surface quality & attractiveness by minimizing surface roughness.

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